Common Notice FAQs

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  • I received an employment notice. What now?

    Depending on your payroll provider and level of service, who you contact may vary. 


    The most imporant way to ensure that action steps are completed is to get a case number so you can follow up before the next filing period ends.  Failing to notify the correct party will lead to more notices and potential unexpected liabilities and penalties.


    The two most common notices that your payroll service provider needs are (1) filing frequency notices and (2) unemployment rate change notices.


    For example, if you are a SurePayroll client, You can upload a scanned copy through our Contact Us link (go to "Help" and click on "Message US" under "Contact Us". 


    Your payroll provider should give you a case number which you should keep for your records.  Be sure to follow up before the end of then next quarter to confirm the change was made.


    If you are unsure whether you should be uploading or taking another action, please contact a K2N team member and we can help.

  • I have been issued a credit from my state. What now?

    Please forward this notice of credit to a K2N professional.  When the next year's tax filings are prepared, we may not be aware that you have an additional payment that should be reflected on your account and may reduce tax.

  • The IRS or my state is requesting a balance due.

    Any notice you receive related to a balance due if not expected, we advise that you contact a team member as soon as possible.  In many cases, there could be an information mismatch on your tax return leading to additional tax, under reporting of payments, or penalties and interest.


    In many cases, it's is possible there may be an assessment of tax which is not warranted and you may not necessarily owe this amount.


    In most of these cases, we strongly advise you contact a K2N professional to discuss the matter.

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